The Domaine du Rocher provides long-term care accommodation on one hand, and short-term or 24-hour nursing care or rehabilitative stay on the other.

R├ęsidents permanents

Long-term Stay

The Domaine du Rocher is a community residence that provides around-the-clock nursing care for dependent or independent elderly people to meet their long-term care needs and improve their quality of life; it also delivers care to people with reduced mobility. The staff offers custodial care such as the meals, bathing and toilet assistance, monitoring of medication and the medical follow-up deemed fit for each senior. Everything is designed to create a home-like atmosphere. The long-term care residents have the possibility to customize their rooms with furniture and personal assets with a view to create a familiar environment.

Whilst preserving the privacy and intimacy of each resident, the DDR provides personalized care assistance given the permanent presence of a watchful staff to fulfill the special needs that are unique to seniors.

The service quality and the training of the personnel are not restricted to technical norms, but also to the enhancement of the humanistic dimensions of care. Keeping active, feeling useful and having regularac tivities for seniors are often vital to good health and optimal well-being: soft gymnastics, reading, board games,playing cards, movies, stimulation workshops. Each resident is free to choose and take part in the activity that most fulfill his requirements.

Daycare Center

Daycare Center

The center provides an appropriate and effective liaison between living "at home" and living in a "care Home", and offers short-term or daycare stay to elderly who shall benefit from the same daily services offered by the staff to the residents of the Home. The non-residents become totally integrated into the life at the Home, which helps allay boredom and generate a reassuring and safe environment.

An assisted living facility comprises a medical part on one hand,

and provides care to the elderly while embracing the concept of "Aging WELL" on the other.

1. Specialized medical nursing:

  • Performing a global geriatric assessment.
  • Dementia assessment, diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or related diseases.
  • Balance and gait assessment to avoid any risk of falling
  • Assessment of nutritional status to avoid undernutrition.
  • Nursing with strategies to reduce the risk of undue hospitalizations and prevention of dependency upon others

2. Welcoming of the Seniors into the nursing home:

  • Engaging in a range of cognitive stimulation activities, social and leisure activities
  • Providing seniors and their family circle with information and orientation on questions related to the life of the elderly and the nursing approaches in providing dependency care.
  • Nursing care to provide time off to caregivers

What is a typical day like ?

A staff consisting of a geriatrician, nursing staff, a psychologist, a physiotherapist and organizers are available for active duties from 8h until 18h to assist residents and ensure their safety.A typical day is arranged as follows :

  • Welcoming of the senior by a nurse
  • Medical consultation by a geriatrician
  • Additional medical assessments are carried if deemed necessary (blood test, electrocardiogram, etc.).
  • A balance and gait assessment carried out by a physiotherapist.
  • One mealtime shared at noon
  • Cognitive stimulation and social activities (playing cards, painting, gardening, music, etc.)
  • Sensory stimulation (Snoezelen room)
  • Overview of the results by the physician with the patient and his family circle
  • Treatments suggestions and lifestyle recommendations

- Timetable : The daycare center is a high-quality institution for the care and treatment of individuals above 65 years old with physical and cognitive a high level of care due to one or several pathologies.

- Transportation : For people living in the neighborhood, transportation service is provided from home to the center seven days a week. A fixed fee shall be applied.

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