Dr Rania Masri

Dr. Rania Farah Masri


A general medicine graduate and laureate of the medical school of Paris V in 1997 (Necker).

University diploma in nutrition science and clinical and therapeutic nutrition from the medical school of Paris VII in 1998 (Bichat).

Training for the Coordinating Doctor in the Accommodation Facility for Dependent Elderly EHPAD (établissementd’hébergement pour personnesâgéesdépendantes) Louise Michel in Courcouronnes, France in July 2017.

Dr Joyce Haber Boustani

Dr. Joyce Haber Boustani


Doctor Joyce HABER BOUSTANI, Geriatrician,holder of a specialized diplomaD.E.S.C (Diplômed’étudesspécialiséescomplémentaires) in geriatrics and a university degree D.I.U (DiplômeInteruniversitaire) in memory pathologies is a graduate of the Paris V university Descartes and the medical school of Strasbourg. She is a former doctor at the University Hospitals in Strasbourg who has completed medical training in a renowned geriatric center at the Internal Geriatric Medicine department and Long-Term Care, and at the Accommodation Facility for Dependent Elderly EHPAD (établissementd’hébergement pour personnesâgéesdépendantes).Dr. HABER BOUSTANI equally performs consultations aimed at assessing memory disorders and diagnosing cases of Alzheimer and related diseases.

Dr Tanios Otayek

Dr. Tanios Otayek


General practitioner diploma from the ULB (UniversitéLibre de Bruxelles) in 1985.

Clinical trainings in cardiology (ECG), geriatrics and family medicine.

Practicing doctor in several hospitals in Kesserwan.

A qualified and proficient doctor, who succeeded in establishing trust-based relationships with his patients; he works as well in close collaboration with the nursing staff and the administration towards the implementation of the protocols and procedures.

Mme. Anne-Marie Fayad

Mme. Anne-Marie Fayad


Our psychologist has a multipurpose mission to meet the needs of the elderly. She strives for the maintenance of familial and social links of the seniors with his family circle with a view to foster dialogue between them.

Besides offering one-to-one care, our psychologist provides as well the elderly with cognitive stimulating activities through games or memory workshops.

Her role is presumed to positively affect the quality of life of residents.

Nicole Marie Rita Khalife

Nicole Marie Rita Khalife


A physiotherapy graduate from the Lebanese German University (LGU) and member of the order of physiotherapists in Lebanon.

Mission :

As a healthcare practitioner,my role is to uphold the functional capacities of the residents, to ensure an adequate rehabilitation according to their needs in the events of diseases or well-determined impairments. My duty is to create an individual care program in collaboration with all the members of the medical team.