The chef and his team suggest healthy cuisine prepared daily on-site in the central kitchen in accordance with the dietary requirements of each resident. Special attention is given to the quality and diversity of the ingredients and products to keep the menu new and exciting.
Our hospitality staff serves home-style meal in the restaurant hall located on the third floor. The residents are encouraged to meet for a convivial lunchtime gathering. Should it be deemed necessary or upon medical decision, meals can be served in the room.
Nutritious and well-balanced meals, customized in accordance with the medical requirements of seniors (salt-free, sugar-free, etc...) consist of a starter (soup or salad), a main course and a dessert (or fruit). Snacks are available throughout the day.
Birthdays, parties and other occasions are celebrated at the restaurant.
Family and friends are allowed to have lunch with the resident at the restaurant, or on the outdoor terrace when temperatures and weather are most favorable.